Changed Lives

Shawn & Ginni 2013 ChristmasIt is such a privilege to work with this great ministry and see God change lives like Shawn and Ginni pictured above.  We want to share some of their story with you.

We had the joy of meeting this couple thru an English class that we offered on campus and invited them to join our English Bible study that we were also teaching.  We could tell right away that they were definitely seeking truth and it was such a joy to see how God was revealing His truth to them.

After several months, we learned that they needed to return to China due to Shawn’s mother being in a serious accident.  We wrestled with God and wondered why He would be taking them away just as they were getting closer and closer to believing and trusting in Him.  We knew that God had all of this under control but it was not easy to see them leave not knowing if and when they would return.

Thankfully, they did return and told us that they wanted to get caught up on what they missed in the Bible study.  It was so much fun catching them up on what they had missed.  Several months later, they decided to believe and trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior and followed that up with baptism.

While they were here in America, they really wanted to start a family and we had the joy of celebrating with them as they announced to us that they were pregnant.  They knew that God had blessed them with a child and were so excited about this new gift.  After a little while, we showed up early to their home for a Bible study and they shared with us that they had lost the baby.  We all had the question of “Why?”

How do you help new Christians walk thru something like this?  Why would God allow this to happen to this beautiful couple?  The only thing that we could think of was to give them a copy of the Footprints poem and encourage them to continue trusting God.  We do not always understand all of the events in our lives but we know that God has a plan.  Obviously, this was hard for them but we were so encouraged to see their faith grow thru it all.

Today, they are back in China and live in Beijing.  We continue to talk on a regular basis thru WeChat and they are still trying to start a family.  For some reason, having a baby has been very difficult for them.  Adoption may be an option for them but they have not given up hope yet.  With the craziness of life and work in China, finding a church home has been a challenge for them but they continue on in their faith journey.  Please join us in praying for this sweet couple as they continue to trust God in the midst of all of the struggles of life.